What qualifies me above all else is that I've been a voracious reader since the time I could first pick up a book.

You are writing for readers. I am unique in that just about anything and everything interests me. I am your reader. I'm reading your work with the eyes of the people you want reading it.

I also pay the utmost attention to detail - probably the single most important attribute in a great editor. I have the patience to pour through pages and pages of words with an eye on every letter.

I've read hundreds of books, and thousands more articles. I can pick out bad from good from great in a near heartbeat.

I do have a few more qualifications:
  • I hold a journalism degree from Drake University. This, more than anything else, is a writing degree. The only thing I did in college was write: news stories, press releases, research reports, persuasive papers, etc. 
  • I started taking writing lessons from a published author, my mother, when I was probably 10 years old. She had me writing book reports at that age. Really. I couldn't be more thankful. 
  • I've been published in multiple online magazines and renowned blogs: 
  • Previous work experiences include extensive social media work, and for a period of multiple years writing between 20-30 blog posts per week for various clients in all industries. 
  • I run a book reviews website at www.BookReviewsByJeremy.com. My aim there is to be the average reader (if there is one) and remove all the snootiness of "professional" reviewers. You can get a feel my for my style by reading a few of those posts. 
Still not convinced? Send me a 1-2 page portion of your work that you are struggling with, and I'll spend 15-20 minutes on it giving you a few suggestions to run with. No charge. Then, when you need more help, I'll welcome you back with open arms.